Blogging in two languages

I've had this idea before and I tossed it away as I thought there's too much work. After reading The Language of Blogs by K, my idea of blogging in Chinese and English resurfaced.

This was my original plan-I'm going to write alternately in Chinese and English. So if you see my post in English today, then my post tomorrow will be in Chinese. If you understand both languages, then you will understand what I write every day. But if you only understand either one of the languages, then you just have to read my post every other day.

Is it going to work? I don't know since I haven't tried it yet. Yet, somehow, if I write this way, I feel like I'm having an alternate personality (like Nikki in Heroes).

Most of the people that I know can read in both languages, (except my dad, but I talk to him on the phone so often anyway). Since my speed of typing in English is almost 10 times faster than that in Chinese, I'd keep writing here in English for now. (It's more time-efficient, right?)

Any ideas? Do you think it's worthwhile to try blogging in another language?


Anonymous said...

I think it would be worthwile to blog in another language only if the info posted is available in both languages instead of being divided among them. I speak 4 languages (chinese is not one of them), and am well aware of the fact that some things are better expressed in one language than another. Translating is not always the easiest thing. If you think it'll be more work than you have time for, I would strongly recommend sticking to one language.

takchek said...

I blogged in 2 languages, although only a few entries are in Chinese.


yync said...
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yync said...

That's a very good point -"...some things are better expressed in one language than another. Translating is not always the easiest thing."

Sometimes, it may take two words to describe an idea in one language and it takes 10 words to describe the same idea in another language.

Here's my favorite:
Chinese: 緣份 (yuan fen)
English: fate which brings people together.

Though the English meaning conveys the same idea, I would say the impact of the idea is lost.

Anonymous said...

It'll be interesting to see two languages in your blog. I am glad that I can read Chinese! :)