I didn't pick a fight

My left eye was swollen and red since Saturday. (If you saw me this morning, you might think I was being punched around my eye during my Gung Fu class ;)). After my own diagnosis with the help of Google, I've concluded it is an eye stye.

In Chinese, an eye stye is called 眼挑針. When I found out the Chinese translation of stye, it just reminds me a funny thing that my mom told me when I was little. She said, 'If you watch/read dirty things, you will get an eye stye.' By "dirty", she meant all those movies and magazines which belonged to the R-rated category. So you could imagine what questions my mom asked me yesterday when I told her about my stye. :)

Anyway, I could barely opened my eye this morning and hence I had to call in sick today. Just want to be on the safe side to make sure my own diagnosis was right and it's not contagious (right, my co-workers would really appreciate it if that's the case ;)), I walked in to a CVS MinuteClinic.

The nurse practitioner (NP) was very friendly and there was no wait. All together, I paid $40 for the visit and the ointment. I thought the price was reasonable. It costs about the same if I have to see a neighborhood doctor in Hong Kong.

To me, the MinuteClinic is a great idea. It's quick and cheap. And I don't have to wait for several days to see my doctor if I want to be treated right away for some minor discomforts.

Here's my idea- can we set up a mini pension/retirement clinic for small companies? We give you a quick fix for your retirement plan with a relatively low price (compared that to hire a big consulting firm). If we find out it is more complicated than we can handle, we will refer you to an expert. How does that sound?


simpleblob said...

Maybe it's possible, but the "Economies of Scale" make it impractical?

Do you mean a health clinic or an insurance clinic?
The former could become a franchise, but the latter.... well.. no.

My 2 cents

simpleblob said...

Oh, and hope you get well soon. :)

yync said...

simpleblob, thanks! I'm feeling much better today!