Why suits?

Since it was my day off yesterday, I took the advantage of my 'free time' to take care of some home stuffs. I went to my apartment office and tried to find out why the automatic withdrawal of my rent payment was not working.

One thing I noticed though, everyone in the office wore suits. Why suits? Isn't it a bit too stressful to wear suits to work everyday? As a renter, I just want to see some friendly faces who will make sure the renters are happy. It's more than wearing a power suit to be professional.

Actually I would like to see the staff dress down a little bit like the people at Home Depot or Target. It will give me an impression that they are more willing to help. Come on, it's an apartment management office and people usually come in to pick up their packages or reporting some maintenance issues in their home clothes (i.e. possibly pajamas).

I think it is a good idea if you wear to work what your customers wear to work. I wouldn't suggest the staff in the office to wear pajamas to work, but business causal is just good enough.