My incomplete list of Good Days

After reading Amy Cheung (a famous Hong Kong Chinese writer)’s list of Good Days, I also want to put my two cents in.

1. Seeing my candidate number on the SOA website when the exam result is released.

These days don't come often- maybe once every 6 months, or once a year.

2. Double efficiency- billed 10 hours while only working for 5 hours.

This doesn't happen too often yet. While the opposite case- work 10 hours to get 5 billable hours happens more often.

3. A personal trainer at the gym told me that I'm looking good, despite the fact that I didn't go work out for a month. (Note: he's not my personal trainer).

I know, it sounds shallow. But nevertheless, it’s a good day.

4. When I received my internship/job offer letters.

5. The day of my graduation.

I love almost everything that Amy Cheung wrote (even her books which I haven’t read yet). I started reading her column on Apply Daily since I was 15. When her Amy Magazine (a local girls magazine, like a mix of Real Simple and InStyle) first published, I bought almost every single issue while I was still in Hong Kong. If you can read Chinese, check out Amy Cheung’s blog.