Testing Testing

If you know me, I like making new friends. Yet, there are so many people that we haven't met and there's always not enough time for quality hang-outs, what would you do?

Just like a company setting up interviews to screen the candidates, I suggest a personal screening test to screen your potential friends.

There are several ways I like to 'test' my would-be friends, just to see if they have some basic personalities that I like.

For example, I will invite someone for lunch/dinner and see if he/she shows up on time, or ditches me at the last minute.

Punctuality is a habit and it's hard to break. I don't like waiting for people in restaurants/theatres for too long. Since I want to like my friends as who they are, I might as well find someone who is going to be on time at the beginning.

Or I will write an email or leave a message and see how long it takes to respond.

Or I will see if he/she will look at me when I'm talking. (Friends take terms to listen and talk to each other.)

Trust me, not everyone I meet can pass these simple tests. But for those who pass, those are the keepers.

(And for those who are reading it and who knows me personally- yeah, I think you passed the test. ;))


simpleblob said...

Hmmm The punctuality test is OK, but the last two tests might be a bit flawed, you know.

1. Some people might not check email regularly. (some of my friends are like that, but they do return calls)

2. Some shy people don't look at you when you're talking.

Lol I might not pass your test because of the punctuality (which I am trying to improve)

yync said...

That's true, my tests are very subjective. Usually I assume people I meet are good in nature and I'll give them a 2nd chance and even a 3rd chance. :)

Right, there are different reasons people may not look at me when I'm talking and being shy is one of the reasons.

By the way, are you in the states already? How's life so far?

simpleblob said...

Right now, I'm at University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign.
Life is... hard? Haha, this is the first time in my life that I'm completely by myself, so there are a lot of adjustment -- both physically and psychologically.

I'm going to take a 1/P exam in August too.... that should keep me very busy and not getting homesick.

Any advice on taking the exam or on living here?

yync said...

It does take some time to adjust. Luckily you come to the Mid-West in the summer so you can adjust to the weather easily. The winter in the mid-west is really COLD, so be prepared! ;)

Hm...advice on taking the exam or on living here...

Ha, as a person who didn't have perfect exam passing record, do you really want to hear the advice from me? ;)

Give me a little bit of time, if I think of any, I'll post it here. Thanks!