1 in a Million

I was at the gym today, the staff told me I looked like her professor. (Really? Since when do all Asians look alike? :)) And then S told me someone she talked to recently reminded her of me. Hmmm...since when have I become so popular?

When people say you are one of a kind or one in a million, there are 6602 people who are as awesome or as extraordinary as you! So Sooner or later, my friends and I are definitely coming across someone who looks like me or who has my kind of personality.

So far, I've found 4- one in my town, one thru S, one in France (C, remember the Asian girl you saw in France?) and one in Singapore.


Christen said...

i've decided that we see who we want to see. so even if the girl doesn't actually look like you, my brain will confuse my sight so it does. this way, we can see our friends all over.
*this is not based in any fact or truth, merely my own mere thoughts.

Y said...

Good point- "we see who we want to see"! I still haven't found someone who reminds me of you yet! Like what I told a friend the other day, "You are still as unique as a snowflake so far!" :)

Ray said...

Your post made me think of this funny story I read about mistaken asian identities.

Hope things are going great for ya!

Anonymous said...

maybe when i visit you there, we can tell people we're identical twins since we're both asian. this blog was so funny..oh when i was in connecticut this guy told me i look like his chinese adopted sister and i saw her pix, she doesn't look like me at all...haha