It Takes Two To Tango

Remember when we were kids, when we want to play with someone, we asked, "Do you want to play? Do you want to play with me?"

Usually the answers I got were either, "Sure, let's play together." or "No, I don't want want to play with you....".

Then as we grow up, we are getting busier and busier. Sometimes we are not as busy as we thought, we are just using "being busy" as an excuse to decline an opportunity.

For grown-ups, the response is usually, "Well, let me check my schedule first. Or It would be great if you can schedule a meeting on Outlook..."

I make friends easily and I also attract all kinds of amazing people to my life. Though there's one exception- No matter how hard I tried with my irresistible friendliness, I can't be friends with you if you decide not to.


Christen said...

you do have irresistible friendliness. love it.

Y said...

Hahah...thank you! And you have the same kind of "super power" too! Remember when I first met you and C at the Jewitt Hall floor meeting? I knew you are going to be my friend instantly. :)